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OBAA Board of Directors

Article V, Section 5.10 of the OBAA Bylaws - Membership: "The Board of Directors shall consist of elected members, life members and the Current Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Academy."

Article V, Section 5.20 of the OBAA Bylaws - Elected Members: "There shall be no more than 25 elected members. The Directors shall be elected at the annual meeting by a majority vote. Each Director shall serve a three year term with no more than 9 of the members being elected each year."

Article V, Section 5.30 of the OBAA Bylaws - Life Members: "All past Presidents of the organization are to be considered life members of the Board of Directors. Only past Presidents can become life members."

· Executive Board ·


Michael Hoover S 1971

1st Vice President:

Dan Koniecko S 1993

2nd Vice President:

Lucas Kraft SJN 1999


David Zirngibl SJN 2002


Kyle Popek SJN 2000

· Board of Directors ·

Wally Hankwitz S 1963

Michael York S 1964

Michael Dayton S 1971

Gregory Van Praag S 1972

Robert Greene S 1973

Ted Roth S 1974

Bill Sanders S 1974

J.C. Fairvalley S 1976

Pete Waskel S 1976

Sean Lane S1981

John Bartizal S 1986

Jeff McGlynn S 1993

Matt Bergstad SJN 2008

Nikki Cummings SJN 2016

Sean Bornschlegl SJN 2019






All Directors with an (A) in front of their names have been appointed to the OBAA by current OBAA President. These directors will be voted on at commencement 2023.

If you are interested in becoming a board member, please reach out to any member of the board. You must attend at least two meetings prior to being elected to the board of Directors. 

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