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History of the Old Boys Alumni Association

The Old Boys Association was organized by the founder of St. John's Military Academy, Reverend Sidney T. Smythe in 1892. The founder believed that "anyone who attends the Academy, regardless if he/she graduated or not, will be considered an Old Boy." On May 22, 1942 the Old Boys Association officially became incorporated.

Reverend Sidney T. Smythe
Founder of St. John's Military Academy

In the fall of 1995 St. John's Military Academy & Northwestern Military and Naval Academy merged to become St. John's Northwestern Military Academy.  As the class of 1996 graduated the OBA voted to change their name to include alumni from both academies and was then known as Old Boys Alumni Association of St. John's Northwestern Military Academy.

Colonel Harlan Page Davidson.jpg

Colonel Harlan Page Davidson
Founder of Northwestern Military & Naval Academy

In 2018, St. John's Northwestern Military Academy transitioned to

co-educational academy. In 2020, St. John's Northwestern added

a Prefect Academy and changed its name to St. John's Northwestern Academies.

Purpose of the Old Boys Alumni Association

  • Uphold the honor and reputation of St. John's Northwestern Academies, Delafield, Wisconsin.

  • Continually increase the Corps of Cadets ranks/Students. 

  • Keep in remembrance, develop and encourage old acquaintances.

  • Engender, maintain, foster and promote social relationships, close fraternal ties and school spirit among Old Boys/Alumni everywhere.

  • Encourage Old Boys/Alumni in various communities to associate together, keep in contact with St. John's Northwestern Academies, facilitate the forgoing and maintain continual financial support of St. John's Northwestern Academies.

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